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India's Exclusive Distributor for АВО Adsopak® Multiple Use Immuno-Adsorption Columns 



About Unor Exim

The most comprehensive and world class range of Healthcare, Surgical & Medical products and equipments along with dedicated services is brought to you by Unor Exim Private Limited. We are dedicated and strive hard to bring global standard products that would benefit the patients in a unique way. We are directly representing major global companies manufacturing renowned surgical & Medical products & consumables across all broader and micro categories acknowledged for their quality and standards. Unor Exim is based in New Delhi and Thailand, with associations and representatives strategically located in major countries in USA, Europe and Asia, we are poised to deliver quality products to leading hospitals, organisations & brands. We are currently offering our services and product line to best hospitals across the nation. With a staff that is highly skilled and trained, we are able to give demonstrations to department or to individual surgeons as the need may be.

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Winner of India 5000 Best MSME Awards 2020

Mission Statement

​To provide healthcare, medical & surgical facilities, a cost effective solution to acquisition. To improve productivity and financial efficiency within the healthcare industry by providing quality equipment and products, and a vast array of ancillary support services.

"We realize the amount of time and money involved in medical equipment acquisition; it is our business to help healthcare facilities save on both accounts. We believe that proper organisation,  and quality products & equipment is an effective means to save on the effective costing."

Our Company

The Unor Exim Export Company is founded with the mission to be the most trusted wagon  in healthcare globally with thrust on ASEAN countries and America . Year round programmed networking in various countries, supported by technology driven producers & manufacturers, modern packing facilities ensures that our customers only receive the best products. We aim to be the multi-geared, multifaceted tool between the global companies, those who intend to participate in ever growing fast Asian markets.

We develop successful business relationships through mutual trust and respect.

The Unor Exim (UE) trading is an Indian company based in New Delhi with office in Thailand and endeavours to operate through several global locations to deliver the best quality products within reasonable time and ensures the best pricing policies across many product categories.

The company aims to  represent approximately 40% of business to be generated within India & Thailand and rest  to other international markets.

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Our Products

Our Products


5th Generation АВО Adsopak®

ABO Adsopak® columns are designed for elimination of antibodies against blood group antigens according to the AB0 system from the blood plasma of patients before and after AB0 incompatible organ transplantation during therapeutic extracorporeal apheresis procedure.

Therapeutic indications


The indications for using ABO Adsopak® columns include

  • Blood type incompatibility of donor and recipient in organ transplantation.

  • Red cell aplasia after bone marrow transplantation in patients with acute myeloblastic leucosis

Theoretical background for application

AB0 compatibility of donor and recipient is one of the main conditions for successful organ transplantation. A and B antigens, i.e. blood type antigens, are expressed on the surface of almost all cells of the organism.

According to the Landsteiner law, anti-A and anti-B antibodies are circulating in the blood of every human regardless of the presence of blood type antigens. In the majority of people antibodies against AB0 antigens are produced throughout life as a result of the human immune system contacting with the environment. If there is a high titer of antibodies in the recipient blood serum, they induce the process of transplant rejection. To provide graft survival, anti-A/B antibodies have to be removed to the minimal level (titer reduction). The methods of extracorporeal therapy allow an effective elimination of antigroup antibodies from the patient’s bloodstream. Anti-A/B antibodies belong to class G and M immunoglobulins. However their blood concentration is minuscule and account for less than a ten thousandth of the total immunoglobulin level. Therefore the usage of methods reducing the concentration of total immunoglobulins is unnecessary. The application of specific sorbents is the most efficient and safe method.


The columns are released in plastic cases of 150 and 300 mL in volume. The column specificity is provided by sorbents, i.e. active ingredients. Sorbents are an inert polysaccharide matrix containing immobilized synthetic oligosaccharide conjugates imitating blood group antigens. ABO Adsopak®–A and ABO Adsopak®–B columns are respectively specific to A and B blood group antibodies. The sorbent of ABO Adsopak®–AB column is a mixture of anti-A and anti-B sorbents in the equal proportions.


Type of plasmaseparator — membrane / centrifugal
Multiple-use — 20 procedures
Shelf-Life — 2 years


Models                                Sorbent Volume

ABO Adsopak®-А150.                 150 ml
ABO Adsopak®-В150                 150 ml
ABO Adsopak®-А300               300 ml
ABO Adsopak®-В300.               300 ml
ABO Adsopak®-АВ300             300 ml



Immunoadsorption Immuno-Adsopak® columns are used for elimination of autoantibodies, all classes of immunoglobulins, and immune complexes from the blood plasma of patients during therapeutic extracorporeal procedure.

Therapeutic indications


Apheresis procedure with Immuno-Adsopak® columns is indicated for autoimmune diseases and conditions associated with the production of autoantibodies:

  • Dilated cardiomyopathy

  • Myasthenia

  • Eaton–Lambert syndrome

  • Guillian–Barre syndrome

  • Multiple sclerosis

  • Systemic lupus erythematosus

  • Glomerulonephritis

  • Chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy

  • Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

  • Severe Rh incompatibility during pregnancy

  • Coagulation factor inhibitors

  • Antiphospholipid syndrome

  • Rheumatoid arthritis

  • Goodpasture syndrome

  • Preparation for organ transplantation and transplant rejection

Theoretical background for application

The procedure of Ig apheresis is not highly specific for pathogenic autoantibodies. During the procedure all immunoglobulins class G and M are removed, including the immune complexes.

The peculiarity of autoimmune processes is that they usually affect a wide range of antibodies with only few of them known. Furthermore, there are numerous autoimmune diseases of unknown etiology. Therefore, to effectively influence on the pathological process, the ability of eliminating all immunoglobulins and immune complexes is the most effective. Unlike the autoantibodies and immune complexes, the concentratin of normal immunoglobulins quickly replenishes after the procedure.


The columns are released in plastic cases of 150 and 300 mL in volume.
The active ingredient of columns is a sorb
ent containing synthetic ligand selectively binding human IgG, immobilized on an inert polysaccharide matrix.



Toxipak® adsorption column is designed for the procedures of LPS adsorption — selective hemoperfusion of endotoxin (lipopolysaccharide) of Gram-negative bacteria in treatment of sepsis and septic shock.


Therapeutic indications

LPS hemoperfusion using Toxipak® columns is indicated for treatment and/or prevention from sepsis development and/or septic shock caused by Gram-negative bacteria.

Theoretical background for application

The current concept is that endotoxin, or bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS), is a key molecule in the pathogenesis of infection, inflammation, sepsis, and septic shock.

High blood concentration of endotoxin induces an uncontrollable release of a huge number of inflammatory mediators resulting in a life-threatening condition. The current clinical trials have demonstrated that the high level of endotoxin in the systemic circulation correlates with poor clinical outcomes. Over the past 20 years solid data have been obtained showing a positive clinical effect from LPS hemoperfusion including the decreased mortality.


The Toxipak® columns are released in plastic cases of 150 mL in volume. The column specificity for endotoxin is provided with an active ingredient, or sorbent. The sorbent is synthesized based on an inert polysaccharide matrix and a synthetic ligand specific for lipopolisaccharide of Gram-negative bacteria. The column is hemocompatible.

Our Partners

Insurance Policy

Business Segment


Unor Exim will emerge as one of key functional support in the global healthcare and Surgical businesses. A major portion of its revenue is expected by the end of this fiscal year from its rapidly expanding activities in the healthcare space. Our products are exported to and Imported from countries like the Americas, UK and Netherlands in Europe, Japan in Asia and also the Middle Eastern markets of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and UAE. Our operations are strategically spread in countries like Thailand & operating out of India.

Having accentuated our reputation in the global healthcare space, Unor Exim has expanded operations into the healthcare, Medical & Surgical sectors.

We started our operations in a phased manner with tie-ups with the leaders in healthcare, Critical Care, General examination & Surgeries . In the initial phases, Leading hospitals & healthcare organizations are being tapped. Global hospitals & complex product lines across categories would be initiated in the subsequent phases.

Beginning with the business of Medical & Surgical products and rapidly expanding our operations into the complete healthcare space, our journey shall be one of strong growth and rich experience. Our company is known for its best business practices and premium quality products both for acquisitions & deliveries.


UNOMAK™ 3 Ply Surgical Mask Manufactured by Unor Exim Private Limited on India's 1st  Fully Automatic Machine. The mask is untouched by hands & made in most Hygienic Environment on Automatic Machine. This mask has special protection layer's available on each side. UNOMAK™ Surgical Face Mask Melt-Blown filter is approved by Nelson Laboratories, US, Indian IS 16289:2014, European 14683:2019 BS EN & American ASTM F2100-19 regulatory standards. UNOMAK™ 3 Ply Surgical Mask comes in both Ear Loop and Tie/Head Straps. 

UNORMART is an online market place, and an Initiative of Unor Exim Private Limited in India that Manufactures, Imports, Exports, Trades & is involved in deliveries of basic healthcare essentials. Unor Exim, in India is primarily involved in Nephrology & critical Care. The company serves to all major hospitals & transplantation centres across India. 
To extend its facilities & reach Unor Exim has initiated an E-commerce portal specifically to sell personal protection equipments (PPE) & world class ayurveda & herbal therapy medicinal products to the clinics & healthcare specialists including public at market reasonable prices. 



Discover our employment opportunities

At Unor Exim, we strive to be a catalyst for ASEAN  growing Medical & healthcare industry. We create an environment that provides economic opportunity, a thriving entrepreneurial network,  and inspiration for both new and experienced talent.

Unor Exim  is committed to excellence in the Healthcare Industry. We have experienced positive growth and recognition within the industry, and the expansion of our current operations creates exciting opportunities for a variety of  positions. We're striving to make Unor Exim not just the first of its kind in the ASEAN but the first of its kind anywhere. We understand that our greatest asset and the key to our success is our most important investment: you.


See how Unor Exim can advance your career.


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